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Can art and technology exist together?

My website design has been inspired by my passion for the arts, so it may come as a surprise to know that much of the work I do for clients is B2B, trade and technical.

In my first agency job, I had a lot of B2B accounts and at the time I was desperate to do more of the seemingly glamourous consumer work. The trouble was, I was really good at the trade stuff and it took me a while to realise that not everyone could do it well.

When I progressed into the freelance world, I found that trade and technical PR was the one thing people really needed help with. As someone who could quickly get their head around most things, I was a fantastic resource for agency B2B teams.

So when I was designing my website, I carefully considered whether the arts spin of the site would put off potential B2B clients. Would people believe that I could be passionate about both arts and technology? It’s not unheard of for people to excel at both – Hedy Lamarr and Leonardo Da Vinci spring to mind – but it’s certainly not commonplace either.

For me though, arts and technology are complementary fields and have many synergies. They both require invention and original thinking, and they both seek to reflect and positively impact the world they exist in. They both have the power to enrich our lives too. Imagine lockdown without video calls; now imagine a summer without music festivals.
I decided eventually that the right clients would see what a USP it was to have access to someone who not only got trade PR and copywriting but could also apply imagination and creativity to it. In the right hands, B2B PR is engaging and interesting – you just need to find someone who has the necessary skills and talents to add colour to the canvas.

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