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A lockdown labour of love

What did you want to be when you grew up?

One of my earliest career aspirations was to be a graphic designer. I loved drawing and colouring and the idea of having someone pay me to do it seemed like a win-win in my book.

To give me a glimpse into the mysterious world of the graphic designer, my Dad took me along to meet the designers at the machine tools company where he worked. I was only 10 or so, but I remember the experience vividly.

A long bank of desks ran down the middle of the room and the mostly male designers perched either side, working intently on their drawing boards. The air was filled with a thick fog of cigarette smoke. My Dad encouraged me to ask some questions, but I went very shy and just wanted to leave for fresher air!

The visit put me off the idea of becoming a graphic designer at the time, but I still enjoyed art in its many forms, and studied it right up to A-level. I didn’t really use my art skills again in the years that followed until April this year, when I took on the challenge to design my own website.

I used a template to give me the framework, but what I have created looks like something that is authentically mine. I delighted in every aspect of the creative process, from choosing fonts and imagery to designing the layouts, and it became my lockdown labour of love. A little release from all the craziness outside.

While I don’t regret not pursuing a career in graphic design, it has been wonderful to play at it for a little while and to see how my creative streak complements my work in so many different ways.

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